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Industry leading standards

for quality, safety and traceability


Even the best machine designs can't always guarantee lubricants’ leaks, drips, spatters, or even blunders from accidentally contaminating food.

For today's food and beverage processors, ensuring food safety is of utmost importance. For this, TotalEnergies, Inc. created Nevastane; a whole line of NSF H1 registered lubricants, designed specifically for usage when minor contact with food is probable.

Nevastane ensures that you uphold your brand’s repute and credibility, as well as your consumers’ trust.


All Nevastane range is registered as NSF H1!

• Suitable for incidental food contact.
• H1 registration is based on a strict list of raw materials validated
by FDA 21 CFR 178.3570.


All our plants producing Nevastane are ISO 21469!

• International standard about hygiene, safety and quality with an annual audit by NSF. • Today, our plants are key to ensure the high quality of our products.


Nevastane is also concerned by Kosher and Halal certifications!

Our plants are audited to comply with standards of “kashrut” (Jewish dietary law) for Kosher and Islamic law for Halal.


Nevastane is developed to focus on performance through controlled compounds!

These lubricants do not present any of the potential risks associated to products of animal origin. Nevastane is free of GMO and no allergens are intentionally introduced during the manufacturing of our products.


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