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TotalEnergies Egypt signed a partnership agreement with the following OEM partners. As per these agreements, TotalEnergies Egypt becomes the OEM’s recommended partner for the sale of lubricants in Egypt.

In return, the OEM’s networks get access to Quartz automotive lubricants of very high performance as well as the marketing expertise of TotalEnergies Egypt.

Both TotalEnergies Egypt and the OEM partner share the performance and reliability efforts and aim to strengthen their presence in the Egyptian Market.

OEM Partners

ALJ Auto Jameel 

Ford, Ford trucks, Daihatsu, Hino. TotalEnergies Egypt and ALJ Auto Jameel signed Partnership agreement.ALJ Auto Jameel is the sole importer of Ford, Daihatsu and Hino cars in Egypt.



As part of the global partnership for decades ,TotalEnergies Egypt and EIM having their partnership for Renault


Modern Motors 

TotalEnergies Egypt and Modern Motors signed Partnership agreement. Modern Motors is the sole importer of Suzuki, Foton and Shangan cars in Egypt as well as 3S dealer for Nissan.

Modern Motors 

Diamond Motors 

TotalEnergies Egypt and Diamond Motors-Mitsubishi signed Partnership agreement.


Ezz EL Arab

TotalEnergies Egypt and Ezz El Arab signed Partnership agreement. Ezz El Arab is the sole importer of DS , Mercedes, Proton and Volvo cars in Egypt as well as 3S dealer for Chrysler.

Ezz El Arab


TotalEnergies Egypt and EATC signed Partnership agreement. EATC is the sole importer VW, Audi cars in Egypt.


Auto Egypt

TotalEnergies  Egypt and Auto Egypt signed Partnership agreement. Auto Egypt is the sole importer Senova and Biac cars in Egypt as well as 3S dealer for Nissan.

Auto Egypt

Kayan Egypt

TotalEnergies Egypt and Kayan Egypt signed Partnership agreement. the importer of seat and skoda cars is the sole importer Seat cars in Egypt.


MTI group

TotalEnergies Egypt and MTI group signed Partnership agreement. MTI group is the sole importer of Jaguar, Land rover, Ferrari, Maserati, and Bentley Motors in Egypt.


Egyptian European automotive

TotalEnergies Egypt to partnership with Egyptian European automotive for Citroen in Egypt as part of extending the relationship between the 2 brands for more than 50 years

Dynamics distribution

TotalEnergies Egypt to collaborate with dynamics distribution for Fiat , Fiat professional and Alfa Rome as dynamics is the importer of FCA brands