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Because we believe in human energy, TotalEnergies celebrates the beauty, diversity, and achievements of women during March. 

This month doesn’t just celebrate a single woman but recognizes all the women out there,
those who inspire others to do better, make a difference, and those brave enough to stand out in the fast-paced world!




Our campaign for this year is inspired by our brand colors that
reflects the different energies of the female identity.
Red reflects strength, intensity and energy. 
Purple is associated with power, wealth, ambition, nobility, and royalty.
Blue is associated with stability, tranquillity and depth.
Green is for growth and safety.
Yellow is for cheerfulness and joy.
Orange is for creativity and success. 
All these characters are worth celebrating.






There are 7 colours, for as many energies.
We go from one colour to another, from historic colour,
is the starting point for this transformation.






Every woman carries something special in her own character and therefore deserves a special gift that she can carry.
TotalEnergies is offering a Tote bag by Rapahel studios. inspired by the khayamya cotton fabric story which is Egyptian art and the term “khaymya” is derived from tents which is the manufacture of colored fabrics. 
The Egyptian artist came to bring us joy by making high-quality products with colored fabrics using
ancient Arab decoration and designs. 




The bag is factory-made with the highest quality fabrics.
It is Eco-Friendly Dyed Cotton the material is Linen
Polyester Viscose, Blended Yarn Fabric Printed only on one side.
It has an inner pocket and inner and outer zippers.
Its Handle length: 30 cm, Handle width: 4 cm
Handle material extra-strengthened cotton,
and 100% Egyptian made.




Terms & Conditions
- The offer is valid while stocks last.
- Offer is not valid on cigarettes & mobile credit recharging cards
- Offer is valid only through purchasing from TBS & Coffee valued at 300+ EGP at 8 stations.
- Offer is valid only through purchasing from Bonjour shop valued at 300+ EGP at 27 stations.