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Compared to fossil fuels, natural gas is much better for the environment. With cleaner burning and negligible amounts of sulfur, mercury and particulates effused, natural gas has proven to be a step to battle air pollution and protect our environment.

In Egypt there are around 260,000 compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles currently on our roads. In response, TotalEnergies has spearheaded the movement towards the betterment of the environment.


Easier Access:

To facilitate access for its customers, TotalEnergies Egypt has strategically placed service stations offering natural gas in central locations all over Cairo, Mansoura, Ismailia,  Alexandria.


Locations of Natural Gas Stations in Egypt:


  • El Bahr El Azam station. (Giza)
  • Auberge station. (Giza)
  • King Faisal station. (Giza)
  • Ahmed Orabi station. (Giza)
  • El Warrak station. (Giza)
  • Heliopolis station. (Cairo)
  • Misr& Sudan station. (Cairo)
  • Ghamra station. (Cairo)
  • El Sawah station. (Cairo)
  • Kabbary station. (Alexandria)
  • Abdel Salam Aref station. (Mansoura)
  • Ismailia station.  (Ismailia) 


From North to South, CNG drivers are catered for at key transport points into and out of, as well as within, the city. Thinking of converting to CNG? TotalEnergies will be there, waiting for you.